Invited Sessions:

State Authorization Dynamics: Updates and Solutions Following the 2012 Election

Presenters: Jeannie Yockey-Fine, DowLohnes; Sharyl Thompson, American College of Education. Moderator: Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois, Springfield.

Two of the leading national experts on state authorization regulations will present an update on state fees and regulations, including strategies to minimize costs while enabling maximum state coverage for online programs. Updates will include status reports on current requirements, options for reciprocity (SARA) and what the 2012 elections mean. Financial models for dealing with the cost of compliance as well as best practices in terms of ramping up in response will be shared.

Place Matters:  Local Strategies for a National Online Market

Presenters:  John LaBrie, Northeastern University; Sean Gallagher, Northeastern University
Moderator: David Cillay, Washington State University

Institutions typically think about outside of region/national online opportunities as being one big homogenous market. Instead, the case is made for considering the notion of strategizing and acting in a locally aligned fashion where “place matters, ” a concept deeply aligned with professional and continuing education units’ missions and purposes. Presenters share how tailored and regionally-customized strategies help enable deeper understanding of regional markets, employer needs and labor market trends, as well as compliancy needs of state-level regulations, how to strategically source faculty and recruit students in diverse locations, and to build community among students in various settings.

The Emerging Open Online Learning Environment

Presenters: Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois, Springfield; Marie Cini, University of Maryland, University College.
Moderator:  Kim Obbink, Montana State University  

This is the year that open online learning comes of age.  With a wide range of open learning start-ups from MIT and Harvard forming edX, Coursera bringing together Princeton, Stanford, Michigan and UPenn, Udacity led by Google's Sebastian Thrun, Open Yale, and a host of other initiatives, the geography of higher education is forever changed.  Online badges and certificates abound.  What does this mean for our distance learning initiatives?  How do we remain competitive in this environment?

Concurrent Sessions: Request for Proposals

Proposals addressing the following topics are sought:

  • Strategic growth, sustainability and building for scale
  • E-marketing of online programs
  • Student authentication
  • Proprietary institution innovations
  • Online programs and economic development
  • Certificates, badges and workforce development
  • Credit/degree by testing/assessment
  • Student services for online students
  • Innovations in blended learning
  • E-learning partnerships (inter-organizational, corporate, etc.)
  • Innovation in program/course design
  • Assessment/outcomes
  • National state of affairs in online learning for K-12 education