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UPCEA Announces 2014 Association Award Recipients

7 Individuals and 7 Institutions Receive Association’s Highest Honors

WASHINGTON, Feb. 18 -- UPCEA, the leader in professional, continuing, and online education, has announced the recipients of the 2014 Association Awards. The UPCEA Association Awards program includes recognition of both individual and institutional achievement across the UPCEA membership.

Since 1953, UPCEA has recognized its members' outstanding contributions to the Association and the field, as well as their achievements in innovative programming, marketing and promotion, community development and services, research and publications, and many other areas.

Award recipients will be honored at the UPCEA 99th Annual Conference, on March 27 in Miami, Florida.

The recipients of this year’s awards are as follows:

Julius M. Nolte Award for Extraordinary Leadership is given to an individual in recognition of unusual and extraordinary contributions to the cause of continuing education on the regional, national, and/or international university level.
Recipient:  David Schejbal, University of Wisconsin Extension

Walton S. Bittner Service Citation for Outstanding Service in UPCEA expresses appreciation to a member for outstanding service to continuing education at his/her institution, and service of major significance to UPCEA.
Recipient:  Alice Warren, North Carolina State University

Adelle F. Robertson Emerging Professional Continuing Educator Award recognizes the scholarship, leadership and contributions to the profession of a person who has entered the continuing, online, and professional education field in the past five to ten years.
Recipient:  Jessica Rafter, University of Virginia

Leadership in Diversity Award recognizes an individual or a program representing best practices in promoting the educational success of diverse students. 
Recipient:  Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Professional Development Program, University of California-Davis

Dorothy Durkin Award for Strategic Innovation in Marketing and Enrollment Management recognizes an individual for achievement in strategic planning, marketing innovation or enrollment management success.
Recipient:  Anna Behar-Russell, California State University-Long Beach
UPCEA Outstanding Continuing Education Student Awards: Credit honors a nontraditional student who is enrolled in a credit program at a UPCEA member institution, for achievement of excellence in pursuit of continuing education.
Recipient: Michael Feingold , Kansas State University

UPCEA Excellence in Advancing Student Success Award acknowledges best practices and initiatives that advance student success.              
Recipient:  Transitions: College and Career Preparation Program, Pennsylvania State University

UPCEA Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to individuals who have provided outstanding teaching, course development, mentoring of students, and service to continuing education.        
Recipient:  Brad Hatfield, Berklee College of Music

International Leadership Award recognizes an individual for representing innovative leadership in facilitating international professional and continuing education.
Recipient:  Geraldine de Berly , Syracuse University

International Program of Excellence Award recognizes a program engaged in activities that promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas of global significance. 
Recipient:  International Leadership Development Program (IDLP), University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

UPCEA Outstanding Program Award: Credit honors credit continuing education programs at UPCEA member institutions for excellence in achieving their educational objectives.      
Recipient:  Reverse Internship Program, Eastern Connecticut State University

UPCEA Outstanding Program Award: Non-Credit honors non-credit continuing education programs at UPCEA member institutions for excellence in achieving their educational objectives.       
Recipient:  UBC/DAA Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics, University of British Columbia

UPCEA Strategic Innovation in Online Education Award recognizes an institution of higher education that has set and met innovative goals focused on online education and been strategic in the planning, development, implementation and sustainability in line with the institutional mission.
Mizzou Online Campus Program, University of Missouri
Division of Online and Distance Education, Ball State University

UPCEA is the association for leaders in professional, continuing, and online education. It serves 365 institutions, including most of the leading public and private colleges and universities in North America. The association provides innovative conferences and specialty seminars, research and benchmarking information, professional networking opportunities, and timely publications.