Future of Online Learning Summit

The rise of online learning is arguably the most dramatic development in higher education in the past half century, putting it on par with earlier seismic shifts such as the GI Bill after WWII and the creation of public land grant institutions in the 19th century. Now, online learning has been embraced by the public precisely at a time when the landscape of higher education is undergoing other dramatic changes caused by the ongoing financial crisis and increased competition from for-profit institutions. How will these factors impact online learning? Or, conversely, how will online learning help shape the future of higher education?

The Summit on the Future of Online Learning is designed to address these and other critical questions. The Summit is both necessary and timely. Indeed, the evolution of online learning is critical to meeting institutional, state, and national goals. Coordination between organizations with a stake in the future of online learning is also needed, now more than ever. Convened by UPCEA and ACHE, two professional associations whose members have spearheaded the development of online learning in American colleges and universities, the Summit will bring together opinion leaders from a wide variety of organizations to share ideas that will help chart a strategic direction for the role of online learning within our institutions.