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Unbound: Reinventing Higher Education

Unbound: Reinventing Higher Education is an online journal intended for all those who are interested in higher education issues, especially those that affect adult students. The name 'Unbound' calls to mind the many innovations that are taking place in education across our country and our world, where technology is helping us break the bonds of space and time to make education accessible to a broad audience. As educators, we no longer have to think in terms of limits, whether those are drawn by campus boundaries, geographic location, or even conventional definitions of school and community.

The possibilities for the future are boundless, and we hope to hear from those who are helping to lead the way. 
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UPCEA Hallmarks Of Excellence In Online Leadership

Universities are exploring different organizational models and tapping individuals to help lead as catalysts for change. At the beginning of 2014, UPCEA launched a process to spell out those hallmarks of excellence that will ultimately characterize entities on America’s campuses dedicated to online learning. At this critical inflection point, our goal was to identify the range of what will constitute successful online leadership—not merely what many might be doing now, but those standards, aspirations, and principles essential far into the foreseeable, and not so foreseeable, future. If we did our job properly, few if any will feel sanguine that their institutions have already reached a sustainable, comprehensive state of excellence. Rather than taking a snapshot of current practices, these Hallmarks suggest those truly daunting aspirations necessary to make online education worthy of the highest ideals of higher learning.

The UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership are an attempt to infuse idealism into a budding, dynamic profession—to help first-generation leaders in this field so online education can assume its rightful place in what makes universities excellent, respected, and essential to their communities. Click here to access the Hallmarks.

InsideTrack Career Coaching

Success in higher education is about much more than just getting students to graduation.  It’s about them being prepared to put what they’ve learned to work through meaningful, fulfilling careers. While most institutions have career services departments, many of these departments are designed to serve traditional undergraduates, not the working professionals that UPCEA members serve.

That’s why UPCEA has teamed up with InsideTrack, the nation’s leading provider of student coaching services to create the ultimate career coaching service for working adult students and graduates. Available exclusively to students and graduates of UPCEA member institutions, this service provides anytime, anywhere access to professional career coaches experienced in supporting working adults with the creation and execution of career action plans based on their unique experience and goals. Learn more at

Center for Research and Marketing Strategy

The UPCEA Center for Research and Marketing Strategy provides benchmarking information and actionable market research on timely issues facing the field of professional, continuing, and online education. 

Center for Online Leadership

No sector of higher education has more potential for transforming an institution than online education.  And yet, surprisingly, there has been little attention given to managing the complicated business of online learning: leadership, strategy, financial models, marketing, student services and other factors crucial to a successful online enterprise.  While most organizations serving professionals in online education focus on faculty and course designers, the mission of UPCEA’s Center for Online Leadership is to help member institutions leverage online education as a critical strategic asset, and to serve as a valued resource for professional administrators charged with building and sustaining successful programs.  


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UPCEA Briefing

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